One thing I forgot…we had been told that the drivers in Kenya would be much worse than in Uganda…but surprisingly we’ve found the opposite to be true!  The drivers follow speed limits, wait for pedestrians to cross, and even sometimes let other drivers pass in front of them.  We didn’t ever feel unsafe on the bus ride here or any other time since we’ve been here.  Maybe it will get worse, but so far it’s been dandy.  We were telling Jon this, and his comment was that driving here is much better than driving at home.  When driving here, you have to stay alert every second where as driving at home is so boring you’re likely to fall asleep at the wheel and get into an accident.  Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say driving here is safer than at home, but I do think it’s safer than Uganda!


One Response to “P.S”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Dear Katie and John,

    I just recently checked my facebook page and found a note from your mom about you leaving for Uganda. I spent the last nights reading your blog. Your stories are everything but boring! Thanks a lot for sharing them with us. It is great to hear that you are doing fine despite the many heart-braking experiences you’ve made. I envy you for being so diligent, spirited and energetic about the tasks you both master. Believing these experiences will undoubtedly enrich and shape your future work and life, I wish all the best for your last few days in Africa! Take care!

    Congratulation for getting the residency in Omaha!
    Lots of love

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