Mar 20

The infamous Match Day was yesterday, and as my mom has already posted, I will be in Omaha for the next three years! This is where I really wanted to be, so I’m quite happy.

Other than that, nothing terribly exciting since yesterday. We went to Quiz night which was pretty fun. The people asking the questions asked some really random obscure questions! A team from Holland ended up winning. I didn’t participate much, just observed mostly. After the quiz ended, we went to an outside bar that was really nice. The quiz night consisted almost entirely of mzungus, but the other place was mostly local people.

I did speak to Jon Stern yesterday and we will be seeing them on Sunday for church and he said we could just hang out with him that day. I’ll ask him about the animal nursery as I think that sounds pretty fun. Thanks for giving me his contact information Susan! We’re excited to meet him and see what everything is like there.

We leave early tomorrow morning (or at least that’s when we’re scheduled to leave) and arrive sometime in the evening in Nairobi. Should be a fun adventure! I will write while there to let everyone know we arrived safely!

Until later,


2 Responses to “Mar 20”

  1. Mike Kelly Says:

    Hi Katie!

    Congrats on being able to do your residency in Omaha. I’m happy for you!

    Uncle Mike

  2. Arlene Hiatt Says:

    How was your visit to Kings Kids Village? Pretty awesome, as was church at Lighthouse! Enjoy the safari!

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