Lumping around…

Hello Everyone,

I am posting a very brief note here to let you know that I am waiting for Katie to post her blogs and then I will fill in the blanks or add my comments on the events mentioned. This weekend we are pretty much just being lumps on the couch (hence the lumping around title) reading our textbooks on infectious disease. We are trying our hardest to prepare for the last week of rounds at Mulago (we will be working in the infectious disease ward) and we haven’t been as diligent as we maybe should have been. We are also becoming more sedentary to prepare ourselves for life back home… or something like that.

your procrastinating pupil,



2 Responses to “Lumping around…”

  1. Lewis Says:

    Jon and Katie,
    71 here tomorrow….golfing weather, finally….
    There is nothing wrong with procrastinating!

  2. Diane (Mom) Says:

    We spent the day resting – on the day of rest, imagine that. I have a client tomorrow morning, so I have to clean up a bit. I’ll look for more boring stories tomorrow. Oh – what a name – they are cenrtainly not boring. Love you!! Mom

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