Last day working at Mulago?

Well, today may be the last day we are working at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, UG. Our schedule was never really set in stone and we have been planning on doing some rural rotations. A few things came together in a hurry. As far as I know right now, we are going on a rural rotation possibly starting tomorrow and lasting until the end of next week. After that, we may be going to the island clinic. After that, we are going on a safari in Kenya. After that, we ran out of time in Uganda and we are going to head for the States! Time just flew by, as expected.
SO…. today I finished up the oncology ward. Today, Katie and I were in the solid tumor ward. We saw some pretty interesting cases, although only a few were different from what we would see back home. We saw two very different cases of Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS) that were so far along that it made us a bit sick to stay in the room, due to the smell. KS is a cancer that is associated with Human Herpes Virus 8 (HHV-8) and is mainly found in patients with AIDS. These two patients had AIDS and had waited several months before they came to the hospital to get treated, allowing the malignancy to get out of control! Oddly enough, it was on both of the patient’s left leg, from the foot to the mid-thigh. Katie got a couple great shots of it if you are interested in seeing it when we get home.
Tonight, Katie, Dr. Holt, myself, and Susan (the coordinator) are going to dinner to discuss the future of the Des Moines University- Makarere University collaboration/exchange. I hope we can put our ideas together and make a strong program for future DMU-MakU students! The restaurant we are going to is almost as exciting as the program work we will discuss. It is a restaurant where all the food is cooked right in front of you… so we will get to find out all their secrets! We will definitely take some good pics and I am sure we will have some funny stories to tell afterward.
I hope everyone at home is keeping warm and having fun shoveling the snow.
We will continue to keep you updated as we can.

your rural renegade,



2 Responses to “Last day working at Mulago?”

  1. Arlene Hiatt Says:

    Hi, Jon,

    Our 5 inch snowfall of last Friday mostly melted in Tuesday’s 40 degree weather … the rest was definately gone today as it was in the mid 70’s in Lincoln, NE, today! Enjoying it while we can…this is Nebraska and it is only the first of March… the saying is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!”

    Look forward to reading about your rural rotation and safari. Have a great safari in Kenya! You and Katie continue in my prayers.


  2. Rachael Says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the restaurant you guys went to! Sounds cool. Your entire experience sounds amazing…

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