Lub Dub Lub Dub

Hello again, it is your favorite Cardiologist here. Today was a pretty good day on the wards. We didn’t lose any patients overnight and we actually discharged quite a few home! Yesterday, rounds were scheduled to start at 9am but did not start until 1130am…. lots of waiting and playing solitaire on my PDA. However, today we started at 1000am, only and hour behind schedule! I planned for it today and went and checked my email before checking on the cardio team. It will be quite an adjustment when I get back home and starting at 9 means 845.

I saw a couple very interesting patients today that I would like to share with you. First off, we have a woman that was admitted to the cardiology floor with chest pain. Now all she complains of is that her leg hurts… hum… fishy. As the attending physician went through all the students and intern asking if they knew what happened… I was on to something. He then asked me last (as he always does if none of the students can answer) if I knew what happened. I said the woman was probably having a MI (heart attack) and fell to the floor and broke her hip (femoral neck). He was pretty amazed that I knew what had happened. Little did he know that we have many elderly people in the US that frequently break their hip, either after a CVA (stroke) or MI. I let them all think I was very intelligent for the rest of rounds…. hehe. After that patient, we had 2 patients in a row that had pericardial effusions (fluid around their heart) from TB. We were able to diagnose the condition with an echocardiogram. It was pretty thrilling for a medical nerd like myself! Unfortunately there was not enough fluid around the heart to tap and take a sample. I have found in my short time here that there is much more syndromic treatment (presuming someone has a certain diagnosis based upon their signs/symptoms without concrete lab results (or investigations as they call them)) than at home. This approach would probably save the US millions of dollars a year… but the insurance companies wouldn’t like treating things that weren’t confirmed. Darn those medical hoops!

If you didn’t catch the last line of Katie’s last post, I got my haircut yesterday. What a scary experience! I went to a place called Salon Ultimate. There was a side for men and a side for women. I was promptly seated and tried to explain to the barber how I liked it. I knew that if my hair turned out to be a disaster, I could always buzz it all off, as many of the other students have done this while they were here. I was hoping to avoid the buzz, but taking the tropical climate into account… I probably wouldn’t mind that much. Long story much shorter (as you can see from Katie’s posts… I tend to abbreviate a bit more), the barber was using the clippers/buzzer by going from the top of my head to the bottom… opposite from every other haircut I have received… but I was going to let him do his magic. He was concentrating so hard a seemed to be quite the perfectionist. My hair was blowing all around the room and Katie actually had to wipe a bit off herself while waiting for me… isn’t she nice, waiting for me in a room full other people’s hair? In the end… I was actually surprised. Aside from not cutting any hair off the top of my head, missing the left side of my head, and not trimming around my ears… he did a pretty good job. This is not what I expected from someone concentrating so hard and taking 30 minutes. I had to go home and finish the job with Katie’s little pair of scissors from a Gerber multi-tool that she got just before going on this trip from her bf Robb. What a handy tool… we have used it for so many things so far! Unfortunately… I don’t think Katie is going to get a trim while she is here… what a story that would be.

Tonight we are going to a restaurant called the Crocodile with the doc from DMU, a student and program administrator Susan, and John and Denise (the 2 students going to Iowa from here). John and Denise leave at the end of this week… so if you are in Des Moines… give them a warm welcome!

One last thing. The head Cardiologist on my team told us today that he heard that the UN did a world survey and Uganda was the top country for alcohol abuse. He was wondering if I thought that was true. He said that he didn’t think it was true because there are so many people here that can’t even afford food, let alone alcohol. I tend to agree with him, as there are not that many people in the hospital here with alcohol related diseases… but who knows, maybe they are all at home and can’t make it in? Let me know if anyone has heard of that stat before… pretty bizarre.

in keeping with the alcoholic spirit…




3 Responses to “Lub Dub Lub Dub”

  1. rebecca Says:

    ha ha. good post, jon. Funny story about the haircut. Would love to see that picture.

  2. Lewis Says:

    Jon, how is the beer there?

  3. Diane (Mom) Says:

    Hi Jon,
    I am still having computer, printer, and camera mishaps here and wish you were here to help me. BUT nothing is of much import when I compare it to what is happening there with you. Your stories are helping me to keep things in perspective and of course an important reminder to pray for you all daily. We love you!!! Today is Mya’s birthday. Oh I mentioned that you saw gorillas to Cynthia. She and Starla think of you in respect to swimming and making snowmen when we talk about you. (you’re the fun uncle!!) I’m sure that your hair is fine Jon – in fact you could go a few months without a haircut and still look great!
    Love, Mom

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