Feb 26

In response to Kyom, aka Denise (should I still call you Denise?), I don’t necessarily think the food is bad, it actually has a lot more flavor than I expected, it’s just so different from what I’m used to! It doesn’t help that I’m sort of picky at home as well. I don’t know what you’ll think of our food when you get there. Hopefully the woman you are staying with is a good cook!

To fill everyone in…Jon and I are actually a part of an exchange program with the medical school here in Uganda. We both got to come from DMU and there are two students from here (Denise and John) who will be leaving tomorrow for Des Moines! We’re the first 4 in the exchange, but it’s set up so that students after us will get to be a part of it as well. It’s really quite exciting and we’re both proud of our school for helping both us and the students from here in the funding. Hopefully we all learn a lot and take what we learn back home with us.

Don’t tell anyone, but a few of us are skipping out tomorrow and going to a local craft fair. I don’t know the name of it, but Allison’s friend has been there and so is going to take us in the morning. Apparently all the proceeds go to women who have HIV.

The four of us in the exchange as well as Susan who is the coordinator here, the other Susan who teaches our language class, and Dr. Charles who graduated from DMU, are going to dinner this evening at a place called Crocodile’s. Sounds exotic! We’re also going to church with Susan the coordinator on Sunday and then to her place afterwards for lunch (she’s cooking). 🙂 Tomorrow evening we’re going to a restaurant that all the American and Canadian students say is wonderful. For about $7 you get steak that’s supposed to be wonderful and 4 other courses. Seems like we’ll have a pretty good weekend. 🙂

As for Chris and Jane…we are supposed to hear from them sometime this week so I think I’ll text or call them today and see if they’ve made it back from wherever they were. I’m hoping to meet with them soon.

No fantastic stories today…saw some cute kids (but then I think most all kids are cute). Maybe I’ll go eat some jackfruit…

Love to all,


4 Responses to “Feb 26”

  1. Mom (Erin) Says:

    Katie and Jon, glad you are getting some home cooking while there and how fun to get to know the students coming to Des Moines. How long will they be here? You may be able to go see them. Wish I were closer and could cook for them! Trying to figure out a time for you to show your pictures when you get home. Anyone who is interested in seeing them let me know! Also good you are getting the safari organized. I am sure you will be glad to have a shorter (even though still long) bus ride. Craft fair! How fun! Your secret is safe with me. Loved Jon’s haircut story. Every day you blog is a good day for me!
    Love, Mom

  2. Kyom Says:

    you can call me whatever is easiest for u though i prefer Kyom, the full version has a beautiful meaning; ‘blessing’. dinner was fun… u’ll be hearing from me as soon as the winter wind hits my bones… ❤

  3. Kyom Says:

    well,,, the winter hit my bones…. girl!!! u said it was cold but not this cold,,,, surely!!!! am still trying to adjust my thermostat!!!! anyway we made it here ok and still in one piece…. ur mommy is very nice.. i’d love to eat whatever she cooks… lemme know how the heat (i miss it!) treats you.. love,, moi

  4. boringstoriesfromafrica Says:

    Hey Kyom! Glad you made it to Des Moines safely and I swear we tried to warn you about the cold! Were your coats/gloves/scarves warm enough? How do you like it so far? How is the couple you’re staying with? Are you really busy? Write when you can! -Katie

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