Feb 25

Today is the last day to change my rank list for residency! I’ve considered changing the order slightly, but have decided against it every time I think of it and after today it will be final!

Seems like today was a particularly typical Uganda day. Jon was supposed to be on the cardiology ward at 8 am so I decided to walk with him (after all he is my pack mule!) and do some research on safaris. As soon as we were on the hospital property, a local student informed Jon he didn’t actually need to be on the ward until 9 (we had hypothesized this might happen, but wanted to be here in case 8 was the actual time). I was supposed to start at the sickle cell clinic at 9:30, so after doing some research, I showed up at 9:30. Anyone want to guess what time the doctor showed up? Just after 11! I was giving him until 11 and then just going to go back tomorrow, but he ended up showing up. Most of the time I was in the clinic he was out of the room and left me sitting with a patient I couldn’t speak to and who just stared at me. It was rather comical. I made at least 1 friend and at least 1 enemy. My enemy, a 2 year old, was really just scared and didn’t want to be poked and prodded, so I won’t take the screaming personally. My friend, a 6 year old little girl, came in and out of the room the whole morning just so she could touch my arm. When she actually came in for her appointment she reached out and touched my leg and I grabbed her hand before she could get away. She thought that was a fun game. I tried to talk with her, but she mostly just giggled. Well, that pretty much sums up my morning. 🙂

I had what I think was Jack fruit for lunch today. It’s a weird texture. Kind of a mix between a flower petal and actual melon like fruit. I know, difficult to imagine. It didn’t really taste like anything in particular, just a little sweet. Jon informed me this morning that he’s often seen ants in our rice and beans here at the hospital, so I’m just not sure I can eat that anymore. I’m not sure what I’ll eat instead…that’s the only problem. I tried the g-nut sauce (ground peanuts somehow made into a gravy and then poured over your whole plate of whatever food you order) and wasn’t a big fan. I like peanuts and I like gravy, but I don’t like the two as one. Another food adventure – we ate rolexes last night (no idea how to actually spell that). Not watches, don’t worry! It’s basically an egg burrito with a different sort of shell. We each got one plain one and one with chaps (a breaded ‘beef’ patty – we don’t really think it’s beef, but we pretend). They were delicious..until this morning. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Jon thinks he needs a hair cut, so we’re off for that adventure.

Until later,

PS Robb, we were a little sad we didn’t have time to watch the water demonstration at the equator, but you just relieved it. Jon is disappointed that toilet water doesn’t swirl in different directions based on the hemisphere it’s in though..he says he doesn’t like you now. Don’t worry, I still like you!


7 Responses to “Feb 25”

  1. Susan from Nebraska Says:

    So nice to hear/read from both of you. You are having an experience of a lifetime. We will have to have a “download” party when you get home just so you can talk about it – and with people who have been there!!!
    I remember when I was in Australia and they told us the water swirled the other way – we all ran to the toilet (when no one else was looking) and never could quite figure out if it was true!!!
    I am still waiting to hear if you have met Chris and Jane. They will at least be able to answer a lot of your questions – and sympathize with your waiting on the doctors over there. One thing you realize is that the little things in life are so huge to conquer that there doesn’t seem time to get to the big things. And it’s those little things, if you deal with them, that really do become little – but they make them so big!!!
    Aren’t you glad you were born an American????

  2. Mom Says:

    Katie, you know I love your food stories! Thanks. I am sure you have given the residency order much thought and prayer so your decision will be fine! I googled jackfruit to see what it looks like, a versatile fruit. Can be eaten raw, cooked and the seeds can be eaten like baked beans! Sounds as if it is native to SE Asia so interesting it got to Uganda. Pretty soon you can start putting in your food requests for what you want when you get home! Hope Jon’s haircut is great! Love, Mom

  3. Kyom Says:

    Katie, i wish i could defend my country and the doctors but i know how frustrating it can be to wait for them!!!! this was a nice “boring” story… u cracked me up!! for the food, most of the tastes are acquired so dont be afraid to try out anything, especially if its hot 😉 abt the animal protein… thats really funny but i know what you mean!! hope u enjoyed bwindi… see you tomorrow… will meet you and Jon in town.. ciao

  4. Kyom Says:

    oh, and jack fruit is kinda addictive, in a good way though…

  5. Mom Says:

    One of my students is from Vietnam and she loves jackfruit! Says she can get it here but not nearly as good or big. She didn’t know how to describe it, just said sweet and good! She eats it like a banana. Love you!

  6. Diane (Mom) Says:

    Hi Katie,
    Yes Jon likes to keep his hair short. I think he goes overboard and looks great with it a little longer. It sounds as if you really need to pray over your food. I will pray that the Lord will protect both of you from infections. We have been having Salmonela poisoning from peanut butter here in the US – there were a few deaths and many sick. One was a woman in Minnesota. So there really is no “safe” place to stay healthy. Our lives are a gift from God and you 2 seem to be enjoying yours. I wish I was there – it sounds so adventurous and interesting!! I hope you can find other fruits and vegetables to try while there. Have fun and take care.
    Jon’s mom

  7. boringstoriesfromafrica Says:

    sorry mom, i know you like my hair a bit longer… like a hippie, but I am continuing on my tradition of keeping it short!

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