Weekend Update.

Here is the weekend update. Friday night we enjoyed some medical school culture at an establishment called Lavaz with the other local students. It is nice to know that medical students all across the world have a common way of unwinding. In Uganda they have a local gin called waragi. It is dirt cheap, which is perfect for us med students, and doesn’t taste half bad either when you mix it with krest (bitter lemon soda). Saturday morning was pretty relaxed as we prepared to head to town for the soccer game. Before heading to the game, we stopped for lunch at a little place called “I feel like chicken tonight.” It is basically a KFC with a Ugandan twist, as some of items on the menu are a bit strange. A unique item on the menu is something called chaps. It is pretty much a fried burger with a tempura like crunchy shell with ground chickpeas mixed in. If you can get over the fact that it looks like fried feces, it is actually pretty good.
Once we made it through the mad traffic downtown, we arrived at the soccer stadium. It was only $2.50 to get in and we bribed the guard with another $0.50 to sit in the section with the shade providing roof. The shaded are was supposed to be $7.50! It pays to go places with the locals.The Ugandan team won 2-0.The crowd really gets into it and probably gets pretty rowdy, as the field has barbed wire surrounding it and about 20 armed guards with a fire truck for crowd control! Luckily for us, we won and the crowd was well behaved. There was one man that kept on grabbing my arm and holding onto it really tightly, saying he really supported Germany and that he needed money. (he must have thought I was German because most Americans don’t go to soccer games). Once he found out I was American, he then supported the US and of course needed money still. Luckily he was pretty drunk so I managed to get away just fine.
After the game we went to a large park with many restaurants inside and had pizza and beer until we were ready for dancing! We tried going to two local bars/clubs but since it was V day, it was only couples dancing. We then found a bunch of wazungus (plural form of mzungu) having a party and crashed it. We met a few people from the midwest and had some common friends. The world is such a small place!
Once we could dance no more, we took a bota bota (motorcycle taxi)home and slept until the hot african sun poked its head out for the day.
Katie and I then played soccer in our backyard and noticed that white people change colors quite quickly when situated right on the equator.
Well…we are off for another adventure!
Your pink doc,


3 Responses to “Weekend Update.”

  1. Diane (Mom) Says:

    Hi Jon & Katie,
    I am so much enjoying your stories. Jon you sound so different, I sense that this experience is life changing for you. I am not sure if this is going through as I cannot see my last comment. Perhaps I will email you to ask if I have to something more to make it go through. Love, Mom

  2. Diane (Mom) Says:

    Hi Jon & Katie,
    Your weekend sounds so different than ours!! Dad & I went out with grandma & Earl for our anniversaries to the IMAX theatre and snorkeled vicariously in the sea in Indonesia (HA-Ha). The night before we went out to a coffee and wine bar and listened to Jazz (something we’ve never done before). We just realized that it is our 30th anniversary. Of course we would rather be there with you. The people sound so friendly and thankful. You are doing a great work! I am thinking about you constantly and praying without ceasing. I see now that my comments are going through. Oh some family news – Dan is doing better and his issues are becoming resolved – praise the Lord! Grandma seems a little weaker and has been feeling down (please pray for her). Are you getting any better at cooking? You will probably be leaving to look for your cousins in the jungle tomorrow? It is the beginning of Thursday here – 1AM, but I think it is 12 hours later there – 1 PM? How exciting!! Be careful – will you have guides/body guards? Love, Mom

  3. Mikaela Says:

    Shouldn’t you be a nice golden brown by now?!

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