Feb 10

I’ll quickly fill you in on the weekend, which was good, but not as interesting as days spent at the hospital. Allison (we share a room at the guesthouse) and I went to Garden City which is a small area of the city, and spent part of the day at the ‘white people’ mall (ie those who have enough money to shop there!). It was similar to malls at home and much quieter than walking the streets of Kampala! We ate lunch at an Indian restaurant at the top of the mall with a nice view of the city and then went to the National Theatre to see a local dance performance. The dancers did their interpretation of the experiences of children who have been kidnapped and forced to go to war (mostly this is in the north of Uganda now).  It was very different from anything I have seen before and very intense.  Kampala is quite peaceful so it’s so difficult to imagine what the families live through in the north.

Sunday, we went to the Botanical gardens in Entebbe and saw wild monkeys!  I was really excited about seeing them as I’ve never seen wild ones before.  We could get quite close to take pictures and I got a couple good ones.  (We have better access to computers for internet so I think I’ll actually be able to upload some pictures for everyone.)  We spent the evening at a bar/club/restaurant that was on the beach of Lake Victoria.  We sat near the water and ate our food and just enjoyed the cool air (Sunday’s weather was great!) and sound of the small waves from the lake.  It was really a great day. 🙂

Monday, Jon and I along with 3 students from Yale and a physician from Iowa went to a near by city to see patients at a different hospital.  The city is only 7 km from Kampala, but so very different.  We actually took an ambulance there and I still can’t believe the roads we drove on were actually passable.  There were huge ruts and holes everywhere and although the driver was very skilled, it was still a bumpy ride.  Once there, we saw the hospitalized patients first and then a few in clinic.  We saw one man who was only 25 and likely has tuberculosis for the 2nd time.  He is also HIV+, but luckily he is being treated and not only is he being treated, but his treatment is from the IDI clinic at Mulago.  The IDI clinic is near the hospital, but runs completely separately from it and the patients who are there receive exquisite care.  Most of their medications are free of charge and the system is very organized.  The patients are appropriately followed up and have regularly scheduled appointments which is not quite the same as how the rest of the hospital runs.  Since this man was receiving treatment through IDI, we referred him back there so his therapy could be more inclusive and better followed.  I’m not entirely sure he really understood, but I believe he did and hopefully he made it to Kampala and the IDI clinic.  Of course there is not a cure for him, but his Tb can be treated and he could have some quality of life left.

I’ll try to tell some happier stories next time, but for now I have to go back to the hospital.



One Response to “Feb 10”

  1. Arlene Hiatt Says:

    Hi, Katie,

    Love reading your blog and will look forward to seeing pictures! Aren’t the “roads” amazing! When you return to the States, our worse pothole will feel and look smooth! 🙂 Lake Victoria is so awesome! The mission team we were with ate at a restaurant at Hippo Bay on the shore of Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya….so relaxing.

    I know that you are a blessing and encouragement to the people you are working with, as well as the patients! Praying for you!

    Arlene Hiatt

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