Feb 6

Hello again. Today is a bit of a scorcher, but I think I see what I hope to be rain clouds so hopefully the afternoon will cool off. Temperature wise, it’s actually not that hot, but the sun’s penetration is unlike anything I’ve experienced. If you can find shade, it’s not too bad. The humidity is much worse than in Nebraska as well so if you put together the hot hot sun and the humidity, you get quite a sweaty Katie.

I spent the morning once again on the pediatric ward (spelled Paediatric here) and most of the children were improved and one even gets to go home today. However, the neonates are not faring quite so well. There is one little girl who is very sick with meningitis and the antibiotics she was placed on originally are not helping so today they switched to a different one. She’s only a few days old and very very sick. There is another child who is 19 days old and has lost more than 15% of his birth weight and continues to have diarrhea and severe dehydration. His mother is HIV+ so has not been breast feeding, but the formula is probably the cause of his malnourishment (either he can’t tolerate it or the water it is mixed with) so either she continues with formula and likely the child won’t make it or have serious complications or she starts breast feeding and exposes the child to HIV. The mother was so upset and crying and very much distressed. It’s heartbreaking to watch. She also can’t afford the formula and there isn’t anything like soy available here though even if there was, she wouldn’t be able to afford it either.

I was discussing all the difficulties here with a student from Candada and how we just don’t even know where to begin to solve the problems. The government is corrupt, the police are as well, the women are inferior to men (especially in rural areas), the education is inadequate, and disease is very prevalent. A doctor who is here working for a short time and from the States originally, told us that we have to put what we see in perspective. In the 70s, this country was in war and people were murdered daily and nothing was stable. In comparison to that, today seems wonderful to the people here. There is relative peace and at least a small sense of stability. Still, I hope I can make some small change.

In other news…well, I think a couple of us (there is a guest house for students at Makerere University, and currently there are 13 of us staying there) might go to Entebbe to the botanical gardens or perhaps on a day trip to see Rhinos. Should be interesting whatever we do. Even just walking from the hospital to the university is an experience unlike anything at home!

Until later,


9 Responses to “Feb 6”

  1. Kirsten Stokes Says:

    I love hearing about your experience in Uganda and how God is using you. I read that and wish I was there too! That is so sad about that baby of the HIV mother. I can only imagine the grief that mother must feel. Makes me want to cry. Keep writing. I love reading about it. Gives me a taste of Uganda through you.

  2. Arlene Hiatt Says:

    Hi, Katie,

    I so look forward to reading your blog and what you are experiencing…
    it can be so overwhelming but know that your being there blesses the people more than you will ever know… they are seeing God’s love and compassion through you. Having been to Kenya 3 times, I totally know what you are saying about the status of women, especially in rural Kenya. And it’s heartbreaking to watch the babies and children and their mothers.

    I hope you enjoy seeing the rhinos or the botannical garden. Use lots of sunscreen!

    I am praying for you,
    Arlene Hiatt (LCC)

  3. Carol Says:


    Reading your blog today makes me even more thankful than usual for the medicine I have had these past many years.
    I can only imagine what it would be like to see the babies and mothers. Stay strong as you always are.
    I think about you and pray for you.
    Cannot wait to read about where you are going for the weekend.


  4. Susan from Nebraska Says:

    This is a good journal of what you are experiencing – it will be interesting to go back to it and see if things look the same to you after you have been there for 2 months. I know how helpless you feel at times but that is why God becomes so big in countries like these. When the miracles happen – and they happen a lot – they seem so huge – and the only hope in most cases is to believe and trust that God will intervene. What always surprises me is how people do turn to God and do see Him work in the middle of all the hopelessness – they see to find hope!!! The hope is what you read about in II Thess it talks about having a hope that others don’t because of our faith – and the hope is that we know there is a heaven and this earth may be full of despair but we are going to a better place – earth is not our final home!!!
    We sure do live sheltered lives here in Lincoln, NE!!!

  5. Susan from Nebraska Says:

    Actually it’s in I Thess 4:13 – not II Thess. Soak up some heat for us. Dream of snow!!! Eat ice – if you can find some that is filtered and clean!! Get all sweaty and then stand in front of a fan!!! Put a wet cloth on the back of your neck!!! You will never again think Lincoln, NE is humid!!!

  6. fredbob Says:

    Hi Katie,

    Great to hear from you! I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

    Uncle Mike

  7. Erin Caudill Says:

    Katie, I am so glad you are sharing your experiences with all of us. I know many are reading it and will learn and be blessed along the way. Your English major comes shining through in your writing! Loved hearing your voice and to know you are meeting new people and getting to do lots of fun things. Lots of love!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Too bad some of us nursing moms cannot send some milk over for your sick little one there… I know there are non-profits doing that in Africa! LOVE reading your blog!!!

  9. Nicole Says:

    I love reading what you write. I am so jellous of you being in Camaroon and all ;-).
    You should writ emore and post some picutres. I want to know all!
    I just can’t even begin to imagine what you are seeing and experiencing you. Take exquisti mental notes becuse when you get home Pumpkin and I wnat to know all!

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